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Yoga citta vrittri nirodahah!

Yoga is the suppression of fluctuations of the mind!~Patanjali

As you practice with discipline you will grow to understand yoga is not just at a physical level, but it reaches deep in to your consciousness.

In this first part of the blog I will start to talk a bit about myself and my journey of how I’ve managed to control my eating habits, continuing with some tips over wellbeing.

As a child and a teenager, I’ve struggled with my weight by eating excessively, and that was obviously showing on the appearance. I’ve gone through drastic diets, starved myself and cried to achieve the “perfect” shape.

Surprisingly, after so many years of torture, I’ve lost the weight, but the weight was always coming back so fast and before I had the time to enjoy my new skinny body. In all this time, my career took me into the world of fashion, and for the next ten years, my obsession with being skinny became even more severe that I’ve got to reach the other end where I’d never touch a slice of pizza or a spoon of ice cream. I started to look sick, unhealthy depressed, and kept verifying with the scale three times a day to see if I gain any weight…

Yoga came into my life; I started practicing as a typical student 2-3 times a week in a studio with my kind and lovely teachers. It was physical practice, the feeling after every class was blissful, but what it’s so magical about it, is that I did not realize the changes that were happening in my mind.

Few years of practice passed, my relationship with the scale was fading, and then I was curious to search for more information about the foods. While I was still eating as usual, I’ve started to enjoy life a bit more, testing and understanding what that specific food is doing to my body.

Once I paid attention to those details, it all started to transform, the body was lean, I was strong and full of energy, I wasn’t afraid of that slice of pizza anymore.... and the right part was that for the first time in my life I was happy with my kilograms and the body shape.

I got to understand that it is all in mind, if you transmit the energy to your brain and body, you can reach the goals you would like to achieve. In that moment of physical practice, you get some time to withdraw your senses, and for some of us even without realizing, they’ll be sent towards your subconscious opening layer after layer and getting to the true essence of who you are.

I am partially vegetarian, now and then a pescatarian, I’m still in the process of changes, observation, and educating myself and others over foods and diets. For now, I will be quickly taking you through some rules that I’ve applied to myself and will share it with you to see if that would be your aim too.

The way you eat it’s the way you live. Start ignoring all the food marketing that it’s being put into our face every day, and focus on the correct alimentation to protect and strengthen your body.

Being hungry, it’s a real thing. Instead, the cravings are false. Both are two different feelings transmitted by the body, one is psychological while the hunger is digestive. Capacity of holding cravings, will give you the signs of having strong will-power that’s why Fasting is well recommended among medicine and religions.

We often overeat, but enjoying the taste of an empty stomach (as silly as it sounds) could stop you from doing that. Taking time to chew and savor the food in the mouth, will transmit to your brain the sensation of saturation. Food should be consumed at least 4 to 7 hours before sleeping, giving time for the food to follow the correct transit while the body is still on vertical. Undigested food could be harmful overnight, can cause you sleep deprivation, food will deposit on the intestinal walls, and this could lead to other digestive diseases.

Another essential aspect is the water, essential life element. The human body it’s 72%, minimum of 2-3 liters of water is recommended daily, as well as a cup of water 30 minutes before and after meals, which will give time for gastric juice to work its magic without dissolving it with the water. Purifying the body trough fasting is another way to clean your body from the inside, as often as you can, 1-2 days abstinence from food and drinks is a great way to give a restart and cleanse to your system.

And finally, you are what you eat. The body is using the nutrients that you’re consuming. Therefore, the food becomes a part of the body. It is essential to choose a good quality products, as fresh as possible, clean, full of vitamins and energy. An alkaline diet is also great to balance the PH of the body liquids, fresh fruits, legumes, and unprocessed vegan proteins will raise the alkalinity in the urine, helping to maintain the essential minerals in the body and protects bones’ density and muscular mass. It decreases hypertension and vascular accidents, as well as inflammation and chronic pain. A great way to boost immunity prevents cancer and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Start feeling your body, this divine vessel has his voice and mind, and it will always notify you with whatever it likes or dislikes. Learning to respect it will bring joy and health into your path...

As an informative blog, this cannot be a substitute for medical advice.